Through the noise, chaos, madness, excitement, and appetite, there exists within humans the ability to meditate. We are spiritual creatures. Without any technological gadgetry like neuralinks or visors, we have the magical and innate ability to unlock worlds within ourselves. In many ways we are the technology, our brains are the hardrives and memory, our hearts the modems, and the universe the internet. We are designed to stream universal energy, knowledge, and love. Beyond belief, logically, this is the source. We know this because it is us.

Without all the systemic trauma and lies, like a virus in a computer system, we have the capacity to hold divine consciousness within our beings. The possibility of this manifesting as a dominant state amongst individuals of our species is not impossible. Without the separatism and limitations of religion, materialism, racism and other diseased phobias, a world of free spiritual beings may lay a foundation of truth and harmony, one that accepts and celebrates mortality, and honors the wonders of this Earth. Without spiritual health, we are surely doomed. If we manage to look up from our navels and screens, at the sun, stars, and life on earth, humanity holds what feels like infinite possibilities and abilities of being - a life where death is joy, another egg to be born into the continuum.