Despite all the imaginings and projections of our mysterious and powerful minds, we are ultimately still subject to a hard and objective reality. Humans are innately good at spinning stories, changing subjects, rewriting history and determining futures, but the mathematics of our actions ultimately leave no room for deceit. All is accounted for, and in essence humanity has written a cheque we cannot cash, by inventing systems of value that inflate beyond any rational material counterpart. This balloon of stocks, economies, capitalism and ultimately - mathematical deceit - is inevitably destined to burst. The game of bogus values humanity has played for millenia and developed to the point of no return will likely be forced into a gyre of pressure, that may distill and forge humanity, through pain and acknowledgement of our collective actions, into a new state - the nature of which is a mystery. Another sobering outcome, is we may not survive our own appetites and genetic malfunctions. Without a realized collective purpose on the planet, we may join a long line of failed terrestrial species, leaving an impressive layer of detritus coating the earth, as a testament to whatever intelligent life may next emerge - perhaps AI, perhaps not.